sidenote: Thor vs The Hulk

i saw a bit of debate, claiming Hulk would take down Thor or some nonsense.

In short, Beta Ray Bill went on a planet destroying spree throughout space in an effort to starve out Galactus. A planet destroying spree.

Thor > Bill

Thor can also open up black holes and move at the speed of light and absorb any form of energy(gamma included).

so yeah. no.

flickshtick asked:

I was actually wondering if maybe you would be interested in having a second contributor to this tumblr? I completely understand if running this tumblr alone is what you'd prefer, and I don't mean to sound like I'd be offended if the answer is a blunt no. :P Just curious, because these kinds of match-ups are something I regularly think about, and think maybe even a debate or two could prove to be fun and entertaining. Anyway, all the best! I thoroughly enjoy this tumblr. Great work.

i’ve been asked this a few times, but the answer is no because i consider this blog to be my other personal blog. doing showdowns is the main focus, but i also like answering people’s questions about whatever, chatting with my followers about stuff, and occasionally expressing my own opinion on matters.

i still get on at work to talk to people and scroll through my dash and stuff.

also i find the thought of someone other than myself making a showdown on this blog mildly terrifying.

i know this hiatus is a bummer, i’m equally as bummed, but i’ll find a way around it.

but don’t think i’m being unproductive, i’m actually almost finished with part 2 of the 2 part Superman vs Batman showdown. also i’m working on Superman vs Wonder Woman, a showdown between all the Spider-men, and some other popular requests that i can’t remember off the top of my head. Oh, Raven vs Magik. also a 2 part.

fisheypixels asked:

Okay. So my favorite comic hero is Henry McCoy. And one of my best friends favorite is Steve Rogers. She says Cap can beat Beast in a fight no problem. So we debated. Then I was curious, so I looked into it. And of what I've seen, it would be one of the most evenly matched fights. McCoy is smarter with enhanced abilities and stamina, while Rogers is a incredible fighter. So who do you think would win?

I’m sorry to break it to your friend but this is pretty much how that fight goes down:


Cap is the little critter soaring through the air by the way